Monday, August 27, 2007

My eMpTy bags

I've been creating 'eMpTy bags' for a while now. I love them. And it seems heaps of other people love them too.

Well, why not? 'eMpTy bags' are great - you'll definitely stand out from the crowd with your very own designer bag. No one else will have one exactly like yours. When you buy an 'eMpTy bag' from me it's empty... naked...ok, not decorated. You see, that's up to you.


Scrapbookers and craft people adore 'eMpTy bags'. I think it has to do with their need to create. Where else can you buy a bag and put your own creative touch on it it? I love it when people personalise their bags. You could try adding beads, buttons, sequins or fabric flowers. (And I love getting photos of your creations.)

"Bling Bird Bag" original designwork by Penny Dugmore

The first proto-types were, well let's just say, experimental. I've learned that not all wool felts well. That even a 100% pure wool label doesn't mean it will make a great bag. So I've experimented a lot and I've found a fabulous range of pure wool made in New Zealand that really works well. Felts beautifully. And comes in funky retro colours.


Your eMpTy bag can be gently hand washed in warm water. Do not spin or it will shrink! Lay on a towel in the shade to dry (you might like to stuff a small hand towel inside to help maintain the shape as it dries).

And why "eMpTy bags"? Well, my name is Melissa Thorn... M T... get it? And, of course, when you get one it's empty! Simple really.


So what are you waiting for? If you want one (you know you do!) email me:

and you could have your very own eMpTy bag winging its way to you.

Prices (in New Zealand dollars):

Little Felted eMpTy Bag (as seen in the photos above)

Single colour $25

More than one colour $30

Plus postage/handling (within New Zealand) $5

Big Messenger-style eMpTy Bag (see photo below)

Single Colour $45

More than one colour $50

Plus postage/handling (within New Zealand) $5

"Nic's messenger bag"

Please note that 'eMpTy bags' are custom made just for you. I rarely have any in stock. I make them in coours you want. That means you'll usually have to wait about 2 weeks for your bag (but it'll be worth it!).

(A big thanks to Penny, Tracy and Delys for sharing photos of what they did to their eMpTy bags!)